de2idea Co.,Ltd. realizes the importance of education and to serve the government policy which is to develop the education system including schools, teachers, instruction medias and others education staff to create the new way to teach their students with the goal that to make them be able to learn by themselves, integrating knowledge and succeed in their courses of study.

Service: E-Learning Design
Design and produce E-Learning that's standard for all learning such as Maths, Thai, English, Science and etc. we use expret technical and all team who's success in E-learning. Concluding all subjects under request and order from tracher.

Service: computer assisted Instruction Design
service design and produce inter active and it's call "CAI" (computer assisted Instruction). Interactive Board. It used for exhibition, activity of events interactive Media; in museum, we used many function on computer PC and Android Tablet

Service: Animation Design
Service. Animation Media for movies by used actors,actress for explain and show knowledge and emotion of animation. That's construction of method to move for understand of people who need to know and it's clear all. Our Team can produce animation media for formal knowledge that's for all branch to study it.

Service: Games Design
Service. Design and produce Games. Nowaday, games has an effect for people who need a knowledge to learning. It's including in game and Learner can play game together. Until learners get more knowledge and understand all lessons too. Because of game shall be help learners to interest and they need to learning it. Our team can design and produce media from game that it has a benefit and powerful of knowledge under order from teacher.

Service: VDO for phote, record photo
Service. Take a VDO for phote, record photo, rvents, TV show and VDO present to organization by expert team and all equipment that do for work come from our team by carefully for produce in creative and it has a quality too.

Service: Sound effect & voice
Service. Sound effect, explain by sound, voice. Concluding multi-media, E-Learning, CAI, E-Book and all present should to do it bu expert sound team.

Service: website Design
Service. Produce websiteby manage website, writing website for customers by expert team. All of after service, maintenance software, takecare software, update information, improve website. All of website by person and website for organization. Our team can manage it under your request.

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